Road To Wall Street Mentor

I provide guidance to students pursuing a career in Finance through the Rutgers University Road To Wall Street program.  I am always so amazed by their ambition and excitement.  I enjoy helping them navigate and find clarity on important decisions regarding internships and their career path. 

LIBOR Speaker

One of the groups that had a very positive influence on me while I was attending Rutgers University in pursuit of a career on Wall Street was LIBOR, which stands for the Little Investment Bankers of Rutgers.  In 2019 I was asked to speak at the LIBOR Summit, as the first woman to ever speak on the panel. 

Melanie as one of 4 panelists at the 2019 LIBOR Summit held at the Credit Suisse Americas Headquarters in NYC.

Melanie Vangopoulos with Rutgers University undergraduate students at the 2019 LIBOR Summit held in New York City.

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