Melanie is a creative photographer who shoots mostly for fun.  Her work focuses on capturing beauty in people and the world.  Having revealed her passion at a young age, she went on to study photography at The New School, FIT, and the International Center of Photography in New York City.

Melanie seeks to inspire people to find the beauty in life, regardless of the circumstances surrounding them.  She enjoys empowering women, in particular, while teaching them to embrace their femininity.  This theme is clearly visible throughout her photography.

In her portraiture, Melanie enjoys connecting with her subjects, aiming to create an image that captures both their beauty and personality.  

When shooting corporate or social media headshots, Melanie believes a good portrait is not just about hair and makeup - it's about getting her clients into the mindset and feeling of the image they want to project, so that they can radiate with confidence and authenticity.  

Melanie's work can be seen in her personal gallery in New York City and by request. 

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